Shipping - a Major FAQ

Shipping.  Yes, it's high.  At this time, my level of shipping qualifies for a commercial base discount which is cheaper than the regular retail you get at the Post Office Counter.

I have been studying the postal charts for hours and come to these conclusions. 

1) The further you are from Seattle, WA the more you will pay.

Let's take the Woven Brown Faux Leather.  A gorgeous piece that weighs in at a whopping 17 ozs.  If you order one piece, I pack it for shipping, you are now paying for 2 lbs because anything over 1 lbs counts for 2 lbs. 

You live in New York, that shipping will cost $10.86.  That's more than the $5 piece of vinyl.

You live in Homer, IL.  The same piece of fabric will still weigh the same, but shipping will cost you $9.70.  You see the pattern. 

Vinyl is heavy.  Smaller orders are going to be expensive to ship compared to the actual cost of what you have ordered.

If you want to order one piece to be on the safe side and make sure it's on the level, contact me.  I'll send you a small sample free.

2) The USPS Flat Rate Game Board Box is our friend. 

I have found that this package is a godsend for my business.  I can roll and pack at least 13 pieces, sometimes more depending on the thicknesses of the various pieces, into one of these boxes.  I have changed the shipping page to ensure that it shows up for every order - even though it may be more expensive than some other shipping methods.  Knowing it is there will help you in the future. 

The greater distance you are from Seattle, the greater chance that this will show up as the low cost option for you in the future when you decide that Bo Dee-Oh! provides a great value and you begin to place larger orders.   Even if you are not trying to get 13 beautiful pieces into it, this box can become the right choice if you live on the East Coast and you've selected only 3-4 pieces of 17oz vinyl.

Until my store takes off and I can afford larger store fees and ship enough to command a greater discount, this is the best that I can offer you.  I hope it helps some of you.  I love beating the system and cramming those Flat Rate Boxes full!!