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As You Like It

What is As You Like It?

Fully customizable handbags tailored to your personal tastes; from the color of the materials, to the finish on the hardware, down to the perhaps risqué choice of patterned fabric or zipper charms! ;)

Ultimately, I will have several different bag styles to choose from, but for now I'm using The Sweet Juliet pattern by Maggy55. I recently made a 2nd bag for my ex sister-in-law who's dubbed this "the modern day Mary Poppins bag" and I couldn't agree more! 

Not only is it the perfect size for every day use, it magically contains loads of pockets for storage and organization without being remotely bulky or clunky. Ok, you may not pull a full-sized coat rack out of it like Mary Poppins does, but then the real question is why are you carrying one around in the first place?


Who is As You Like It?

The short version - I'm Grace Fletcher, the daughter of Bo Dee-Oh's owner Ellen Kay!  She's the reason I'm making bags in the first place and given I also use her product, it only seems fitting you find me here at Bo Dee-Oh!

The more interesting version - still her daughter, of course, but this little offshoot is the result of my being repeatedly told I should sell the bags I've been making for fun up until now.  Don't get me wrong, it still will be tons of fun getting to create lovely bags in a range of colors and themes.  It's just that selling them ensures I don't end up on that show "Hoarders" where my house is stuffed floor to ceiling with beautiful bags! PLEASE, help keep me off that show!!! Plus, that just sounds like a huge waste if you ask me.


What Can I Customize?

To be honest, pretty much every aspect of the bag can be customized to your tastes; it's only a matter of finding your desire in a real world product! And these days you just might be surprised what is available!

At a high level, the following components of your handbag can be customized:

  • Theme
  • Colors
  • Materials
    • Faux Leather
    • Vinyl
    • Upholstery Fabric
    • Cotton Quilting Fabric
    • Zippers
    • Hardware & Finishes
    • Purse Feet


How Does This Work?

This is the best part, in my opinion...you tell me what you want, and I make it so!  Yes, it really is that easy. 

Maybe you know you just want an all black bag and you're perfectly content letting me have full artistic license to create the best black bag you will ever own. 

Or perhaps you know exactly what you want and even have the links to the precise materials you want me to use. 

At the end of the day, we find our way together to create a bag exactly as you like it! 

I know "seeing is believing" and perhaps it's hard to imagine purchasing a bag you haven't seen yet. But think of it this way....no one else will have either because your bag will be ONE OF A KIND MADE JUST FOR YOU!

But feel free to drool over the Sweet Juliet bags I've already made - for mainly myself & friends - in the above slideshow . As you can see, this pattern is extremely versatile; it can be clean and classy, bright and funky, or the favorite "business on the outside, party on the inside". 


What Does This Cost?

Unless your dream bag must include diamond-encrusted hardware or the fabric from your Hollywood crush's latest role in a movie, the price for your dream bag is $150.  Now, if your bag really must include these super fancy items, I'm more than happy to accommodate and we can discuss how that will increase the final price.   

Rest assured, all materials I use in making the bag are from quality manufacturers trusted within the industry.  No heavy marine vinyl or chintzy hardware from a big box store to be found here! 


How Long Will it Take?

Believe it or not, by day I'm a technical writer for a software company.  Yes, I write documentation for engineers all day long!  Now you understand why I need a hobby that allows full use of the right-side of my brain! ;)

To be honest, I'm not sure I can give you a concrete "your bag will be made in X amount of days".  While this is mainly due to the fact that I will be making your bag in the evening and on weekends, the length of time required can also be impacted on material availability.  

Luckily, I'm a goal-oriented person so I'm highly driven to complete a project in a more than timely manner. I promise to keep you up to date on the status of your bag and you're always welcome to reach out to me should you just be so excited you can't wait for me to reach out first.

Contact Me

Whether you know exactly what you want, have a general idea or are simply happy to hand over full artistic license, don't hesitate to reach out!

You and I will work together to make YOUR bag just as YOU like it!

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