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In my final years of living in the Corporate World, I turned to my life long passion of making things to keep me sane until I retired. I went through several iterations of craft material collecting, small businesses that required sitting in cold, damp and drafty tents at local shows, etc. At some point in the recent past, I decided that it would be fun to make purses. I began to collect really cool upholstery fabrics from a variety of sources. I overflowed my allotted space and it became too cramped to accomplish much. My next problem began when I realize that I needed a sewing machine that would be able to handle the fabrics I wanted to use in my creations.
Two years into my retirement, with my husband set to retire in 4 weeks it became time to do SOMETHING. Knowing that I wanted to be able to spend money in retirement without causing my poor husband to freak out if I begin spending our retirement funds, I decided to begin to destash some of my collection in several Facebook groups. I immediately met a lot of really nice people all seeking their personal dreams of doing something creative to build their small businesses.
In a conversation yesterday afternoon with one of these new friends, we discussed the attitude of helping others to grow their businesses through a willingness to promote the “other guy”. I realized how accurately this condensed what I wanted to do here. Buying larger pieces at outlet prices and passing the savings on to others isn’t intended to make me a millionaire. It is fun to shop and anticipate what you all are going to want; to make your business a bit more profitable. If I can continue to have this fun without taking a loss, what more could a person want to do in retirement?
Over time, I want to improve the business by infusing it with new ideas that will be in direct response to your needs and the direction that your businesses takes you all. You’re not all doing the same thing and I see that across the various groups in which I participate. Always, feel free to bring your thoughts forward to me, either with a post on the wall or a private message. I’m here, I’m listening and looking forward to growing with you.
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