Survived the First Two Weeks

Survived the First Two Weeks

Wow!  Bo Dee-Oh! opened quietly with little fanfare and then exploded with a box opening video in the Sew Whatever group. I had never heard of this group, but quickly realized how intertwined we all are through the affiliations of the hundreds, thousands, billions(?) of groups on Facebook!  Makes me wonder who else and what else is out there.  I'm sure that, some of it, I don't really want to find.

It's gratifying that many of you took a chance and decided to order have been happily surprised by the quality of the fabrics you have received.  I'm looking forward to seeing the projects that you have made with your purchases.  Don't forget to post your work on my Bo Dee-Oh! Facebook page so that we can all see it too.  I think of these fabrics as my "babies" and it is interesting to see your interpretation and how divergent it is from my own ideas.  

I've been thinking about introducing something like scrap packs of curated pieces.  Or packs of pre-cut pieces specifically for making the new wallets like the Roxy, Rosy and Gratitude patterns.  I'd love to hear from you all if you like these ideas or would like to see something else.

I'm excited about all the new people I've met, about improving my store and what I offer.  I plan on operating for the first 3 months as I have been doing, and then determine if upgrading my store's account level will provide better shipping rates.  Shipping rate shock is real as people just don't realize how heavy vinyl can be!

Let's stay in touch.  I'll meet you at the corner of Creativity and Possibility!



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