JD6628 - A discount code and what does it mean?

JD6628 - A discount code and what does it mean?

Several years ago when I started making bags, I wanted to use really neat upholstery fabrics.  Unfortunately, when something comes in a lot of colors, I am compelled to buy them.  Every one of them.  I knew I wasn't alone and I talked about creating a store where I could sell these fabrics.  I collected and collected and then talked some more.  Last winter, in the efforts to lower the inventory so I had room to move around my workspace, I began the destashing process.  As I've mentioned in other places, I met a lot of great people here on the interwebs, but I was still talking about business.  Talking.

Then the greatest salesman I know passed away.  My father, Jack DeLuca.  The end was long expected, but much quicker than we imagined.  I heard he was in hospice on a Wednesday, flew down the next day and visited him that afternoon. He passed quietly that Friday morning.  

I returned home a few days later to the typical Northwest winter weather, which is hard on me as I'm not a native, and proceeded to sink into a depression.  

One morning as I sat here with my coffee thinking about my father, I realized he wouldn't be happy at all with my being depressed over his death.  It was a definite "kick in the butt" call to action.  I stood up, went to the computer and began to research all that I needed to have in place to open up this store.  Licenses, EIN numbers, websites, etc.  I kept pushing forward focusing on the goal until I opened March 15th.  Yep, 6 weeks ago this Friday.  I couldn't have done it without the memory of my Dad urging me forward.  He always told me that he loved me and was very proud of me.  He will always be alive for me as his memory will always be in my heart.  

Oh yeah, the code.  His initials, followed by his birthdate.  Seemed better than a lot of other codes I could have used, since we're here in this blog because of my father.  




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Hi, I was watching Lauren’s videos and I noticed she would mention Bodeeoh a lot as to where she got some of her leathers, so I finally decided to check you out. But I do have a question about some purple vinyl, it says you’re out of stock do you know when you will be getting more in? Purple vinyl/leather is hard to find. I did find some that looked like lilac or a very lite color of purple and I will order that but really needing some purple. Thank you for offering your beautiful vinyls/leathers to us crafters.

Angelia Baker

Hi Ellen,
Reading your reason to start your business resonated with me so much. I am a retired Health Visitor in the UK and felt exactly like you. Anyway, I was wondering if you ship to the UK, I realise the shipping would be a lot but I have to ask, right. Take care, kind regards Norma x

Norma Halliburton

I found you from Lauren Mormeno, I saw her on you tube .i can’t wait to order so I can make a purse


I too found you through Lauren Mormeno, owner of her Sew Whatever FB group. Looking forward to a great partnership.


That’s beautiful. I wish you all the best making your dream come true.

Thanks for the code. I’ll have to order from you even though I’m partial to working with leather. Your vinyl looks great.


Donna Johnson

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