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Zinc Gray Classic Faux Leather Strips Envelope

Zinc Gray Classic Faux Leather Strips Envelope

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Multiple quantities will NOT result in a continuous cut.

This item is a approximately 3.5 lbs,+/-s of strips of the ever popular Zinc Gray Classic Faux Leather.  They range from 8+ to 11". 

ALL of these strips are full width of fabric (54"+/-).  Same quality, same fabrics that are sold in the other part of the store.  Great for pouches, purse trims and accents, straps, piping, dog collars, etc.  

If you like Zinc Gray, this is your bargain!

Since so many of you are buying these with other products, we have removed the shipping from the price.  If you buy ONLY one, it will be shipped in a USPS flat rate envelope and the current price for the envelope will be added to your order before checkout.  If you buy multiples or buy other products, the weight will be added to your shipping rate calculation on the Shipping page. 

* I do my best to represent colors accurately, but they may vary slightly when viewed on different monitors and screens.

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