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XL Mystery Box - Vesta

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Our next Mystery box offering.  Here's what you should expect when you open one. New items in red. 

First and Foremost.  These do not even begin to fit in the USPS Flat Rate Box.  Don't even try to select  that method of shipping.  First we will laugh out loud and then we will send keyboard voltage over the Internet and zap your fingers.  Don't find out if we're bluffing. 

  1. Each Box is unique and is NOT curated in any way
  2. Each Box contains irregularly shaped pieces - just like people, they come in all shapes and sizes
  3. Some pieces will have blemishes - please cut around the blemishes
  4. Some pieces will have dirt marks on the backside - make sure you cut your pattern correctly so that the right side faces out.
  5. Some pieces will have wrinkles or creases - toss these in the dryer with a damp towel for about 10 minutes on a warm setting.  These can usually stand more aggressive dryer treatment, but it just makes sense to take it easy
  6. Some pieces may have tape on them.  It isn't necessary to peel this off before cutting but it may just make you feel happier when you strip that puppy off of the backing. Got stickum? Use the sticky side of a fresh piece of tape to pull it up.
  7. I'm 99% sure I do not have more of any of these - please don't make us both crazy by asking
  8. The Bad News:  these cannot be combined with other items in your order.  There is very little room in most of them.  
  9. The Good News:  The slap band easily fits in this box.
  10. This box measures 40" x 6" x 6" and will not fit in your mailbox, we're pretty sure of that. 
  11. These are the same products that I have been selling in the store. They are all perfectly fine, nothing is wrong with them, I just don't have time to process them.

This is a box packed with Possibility at a fantastic price!

Shipping is NOT included. Material weight is just over 17 lbs.