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Mystery Box - Act Fast Friday

Mystery Box - Act Fast Friday

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Mystery box offering.  Here's what you should expect when you open it.

  1. This Box is unique and is NOT curated in any way
  2. This Box contains 8 pieces of our regular faux leathers and vinyls. 
  3. This is what you do when you have one piece of this and one piece of that and it tales longer to process it for sale than it is worth.
  4. The products in this box have rested quietly on a shelf in a dark corner of the store waiting for us to figure out what the heck we will do with them.
  5. We see our customers buying mystery boxes from other vendors that are half as good and twice as expensive.
  6. These pieces are waiting for you to use/abuse them.  Just don't stick them on a shelf in a dark corner of your workroom.  They've been there and done that.

This is a box packed with Possibility at a fantastic price!

Shipping is NOT included. Material weight is just about 7.5 lbs.

* I do my best to represent colors accurately, but they may vary slightly when viewed on different monitors and screens.

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