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Here we go again! My daughter Grace has been busy creating another wavy of Possibility Boxes. She has chosen pieces that can be used in a mix and match fashion. She's got her grandmother's artistic sensibilities, so these are tasty!

This collection pulls together the colors of the evening light on the savanah below the majestic mountain after which this collection is named.

This box is packed with 8 Full rolls

2 Fabric rolls
6 Faux/Vinyl Rolls

These are the same products that I have been selling in the store. They are all perfectly fine, nothing is wrong with them, we just know that you all LOVE these collections.
All pieces are 18" x 54" - full width of fabric.

This is a wonderful box packed with Possibilities at a fantastic price!

Shipping is NOT included. Material weight is just over 6.25 lbs.