A Blue-Black Faux Leather

Unknown - Gunsmoke, semi-matte finish on a small animal grain texture
Heavyweight with a gray brushed woven polyester backing, 15  ozs.
Medium gather and body, this faux leather feels like a polyurethane-faced faux leather.

There's a nice quality feel to this piece and the color is difficult to capture in ANY picture so let's talk.  Black isn't always black, is it?  Sometimes, it's a brown-black, or a blue-black, green-black or even reddish-black, right?  This is one of those, that in some lights you can see the blue and in other lights, it will be black.   Although, most likely over 90% would call it black, we just wanted to be honest with you and explain the title a bit! 

18" x 54"

This is the last of this product.  


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